I’m a philosopher at the University of Reading. My research and teaching are mostly in metaethics, normative ethics, and some related areas. Before joining Reading in 2014, I finished my PhD in Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill. Before that I did my BA in Maths & Philosophy at Exeter College, Oxford.

I’m Deputy Treasurer of the Mind Association and ‘Cybersmith’ (website manager) of the British Society for Ethical Theory.

I grew up in Llanelli, a coastal town in South Wales, and I’m married to the poet Katie Meehan.

Upcoming talks/presentations

‘Meaning for the Error Theorist’ at the 6th International Conference on Philosophy & Meaning in Life in Liverpool, June 17-19.

‘Voting for Emissions Limits’ at the International Society for Environmental Ethics meeting in Fribourg, June 24-26.