At the undergraduate level, I mostly teach first- and second-year moral philosophy, and a third-year module in mediaeval philosophy. I have also in the past taught more advanced ethics, epistemology, and logic, and every year I supervise undergraduate dissertations and mini-dissertations on topics across philosophy.

If you are at Reading, information and readings for all can be found on Blackboard.

General documents for students

  1. A guide for my undergraduate dissertation students. Please read if you have been assigned me as your supervisor.
  2. PPE Cheat Sheet. I am co-ordinator for the PPE (philosophy, politics, and economics) degree. A quick unofficial guide for students and academic tutors about issues which can arise when doing these three subjects.
  3. Tips for writing an undergraduate essay. Pragmatically, worth reading if I will be the one marking your essay.
  4. Rules and advice for the GRS. Please read this before taking part in the Graduate Research Seminar for PhD and MRes students.